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Here for You

Indian owned woman's fashion label, defined by an essence of feminity, confidence, allure and independent style. Jenn as 'her' is influenced by modern women and as a brand in turn focuses on creating statement pieces that inspire modern women. 




What Jenn thinks that there is nothing that a woman can't achieve or aspire. She can't be stopped. Infact she has the power to design her appearance by the way she wants to reflect. What others perceive, should be considered as their percepted values. 


Jenn uses her voice to create an opportunity for women to embrace their individuallity and power of expression through their wardrobe, lifestyle and wellness. 


Founded on 19th April 2020 by Jinita Sheth in Mumbai, India. Jenn offers a unique shopping experience through which 'Jenn Women' can transcend fashion & lifestyle boundaries- defying her trends & creating her own.

Jinita Sheth (Founder/ Creative director)

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