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Animal Print

The Moo Print


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In the TV show "Friends," Joey Tribbiani once famously said, "It's like a cow's opinion. It doesn't matter. It's moo."

While I had a great laugh at this, working in the fashion sector has made me realise, cows are no more irrelevant. Animal Print is a timeless trend that has prowled through the decades, leaving an indelible mark on runways, wardrobes, and the very essence of style itself.

It started out as ancient humans wearing animal skin to protect themselves from the harsh weather conditions. From being the means to survival it later went on to become a statement of status among the aristocrats. It went on to play an influence on the psyche of human minds as hunters wore animal prints on their hunting expedition because they believed in the transference of animal qualities to humans through the act of wearing their patterns.

It gave them the strength of the animal print they were wearing. Animal print transcended mere fashion, and became a form of personal expression and empowerment. And yes while all other animal prints look great and its time we Moo-ve over, conventional patterns.

Cow print has got more personality than black-and-white polka-dots, but is still the most minimal of all the animal prints. Yes, now I know we have Zebra print fall in the same colour palette, yet the cow print pattern is more spaced out, making it look very subtle yet abstract. Its monochromatic palette of black and white is strikingly versatile, allowing it to saunter effortlessly from casual daywear to statement pieces that demand attention.

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  At Jenn, we have the Bella Collection which is all about the cow print. It consists of formal yet fun pieces you can wear at multiple occasions. Now, even incorporating a simple print like cow can be daunting and if not styled properly, you might end up looking like Jessie from Toy Story (I find her character very cool btw).

Unless that's the look you're aiming for, here are style guides by Jenn, that will help you pull off the cow print in the most chic manner possible.


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